My first time with my mom

I get that My mother was 17 when she had me she and my father had to get married. She was a very sexy woman with large breasts and great legs. She always wore high heels and nylons. I was married at 20. My wife was 19. My father was overseas for 2+ months so my wife and I had her come over for dinner. She didn’t like to drive so I went to her up. When I got there she was dressed up in her robe. She said that she was going to get dressed. So I was going to wait for her in the kitchen. She then Read more […]

Brother and sister are lovers

The protective bubble of our aura remained connected until our orgasmic high subsided. Then slowly our psychic bond burns like the final ember of a fire. “Michael, did you feel it?” I knew exactly what Katie asked and answered, “We were like one body.” “And, one mind, Michael. It was beautiful.” The future of Michael and Katie is, as yet, unwritten. However, there are avenues of unknown experiences for them to discover. The last word is yet to be written, be patient. Those were the Read more […]

Mom asks son for help getting into shape

My mom finished rinsing the last dish and put it in the drying rack. “Well I have heard sex is the best way to exercise.” She said matter-of-factly as she sat down at the table where I was having breakfast. I chuckled. “That may be. It seems about right. However, if you need a partner to jog, bike or go to the gym with, I can help. The sex I will have to leave for dad.” “Well he is useless for that,” she said under her breath. “What?” I almost choked while trying to take a bite. It was Read more […]

sex from her mother

It’s not like Anabelle didn’t enjoy school; the short, blonde haired, brown eyed, chubby 18 year old did enjoy it. She did well in her classes, kept out of trouble and got along with both her teachers and class mates. Unfortunately being chubby got her teased but luckily her cute brown eyes and flowing blonde hair meant she received compliments as well. Today started out like most other days; some teacher has complimented her on her looks in the morning while some boy teased her for being too Read more […]

Brother Doctor

“Jake,” Anna said, popping her head around the door. “Your sister’s in the waiting room.” Jake looked up in surprise from where he was just finishing off writing notes on a patient’s file. It was five thirty, and he was just about to knock off for the day. “Beth?” he thought out aloud, before telling his young nurse “Sure, send her through.” “Will you be alright to lock up?” At Jake’s nod, she gave him a mischievous smile. “I’ll see you in the morning, then.” Jake Read more […]

Grandma’s Helping Hand

Erica looked out the window of her house by the beach at the sad teenage girl walking toward it. “Poor thing,” she said. “Hope everything’s OK.” The poor thing was Erica’s sexy teen granddaughter, Amy, a willowy, beautiful blonde who often visited her grandmother, taking in the beach and carrying on with local boys. Erica, equally beautiful for a woman her age, loved all her grandchildren equally, and was the one they’d turn to during difficult times. Erica, 65, was the perfect grandmother, Read more […]

I need this inside me, big brother

Last summer my sister came to stay with my family for a week. We had not seen them since they moved abroad the year before for the sake of my brother in law’s career. Thankfully, the killjoy had not come with them, as he could not (or would not) take the time off work. It made me sad as we had always been a close family, and now we all lived so far apart. One particular hot summer evening, after the kids had all been put to bed my wife, me and my sister had settled down to watch the TV. After Read more […]

You’re sucking your son

It was a Tuesday in April, and for Andy and Rachel O’Brien, sex was everywhere. Poor, poor Little Andy, as he was so commonly called. It was just one of those days that for a young virgin like him, proved to be torture on a new scale. It began in Trigonometry when the air conditioning failed and he became suddenly aware of the beads of sweat cumulating on the tight chests and slender necks of his more delicate classmates. His temperature figuratively rose in Biology when much to his dismay Read more […]

My Girlfriend and My Sister Seduction

“Emily!” I shouted searching the house. “Did she leave?” I wondered until I saw the sliding glass door was open. “Didn’t you hear me calling?” I stood at the door looking down at my sister laid out on a towel by the pool. She tilted her head back to look at me with her dirty blonde hair fanned out above her head. “Sorry, I guess I didn’t,” she replied, lifting her dark tinted sunglasses a little. “What’s up?” I walked along the bricked tile towards her fighting the urge to flinch from the heat Read more […]

Trapped home alone, mother and daughter get together

Dressed in a stocking cap, scarf, and parka in the school colors, Greg Beckett was lingering at the door for a moment and looking back at the women in his life. “Are you two sure you don’t want to come?” Sprawled across the living room recliner in one of those positions that only a teenager could possibly get into – or even want to, Dana was too busy channel surfing to even look around him. Her mother though nodded emphatically as she came into the room, a mug of hot coffee in her hand. “Very Read more […]