Brother and sister have an impromptu affair

My most amazing sexual experience all started because of a simple act of forgetfulness. My older Brother Jamal was staying over at my place while he visited Los Angeles for the first time. I was so used to being a single woman that I had forgotten he was there in the morning. We had gone out drinking the night before and I guess the alcohol had me a bit cloudy.I walked out of my bedroom stark naked, as I usually do. I opened the door to the living room and the vision that greeted me left me speechless. Read more [...]

A mother overcome with lust for her son’s cock

When I left work early I expected my son Jason to be home. He was home from college for the summer, and I wanted to surprise him by taking him out to dinner so we could have a chance to catch up on his life. Jason was home alright, and he was not alone.I walked in the door and was greeted by the sounds of a young woman in what could only be described as an envious orgasm. I knew before I even looked that Jason had a woman over, and was fucking her senseless in his room. I knew, yet I had to Read more [...]

Aunt and nephew enjoy an early interlude

Maybe it's an addiction of mine, but I can't see a beautiful hard cock without wanting to feel it in me. When I see a hard rod with a swollen head, and veins protruding I want to shove it down my throat, and make it even harder, and slick before I plunge it into my soaking pussy. I'm not picky either, even when the cock is on my 22 year old nephew.My nephew Bill had come out to California to stay with me while he visited some friends in the area. I barely saw him after the first day because he Read more [...]

She pleases her brothers and Dad

“Well don’t you just look like a Chinese finger trap” my father said with a chuckle from the doorway of my room. I was naked and on all fours on the floor with Derek’s cock in my mouth as he sat on my bed, and Simon plowing me from behind. Derek and Simon are my older brothers home for the long weekend from college. Dad came into the room and sat on my computer chair to watch.“Damn dad, she sure does know how to suck dick!” Derek said.“I’ve been teaching her a few things while Read more [...]

My Selfish Brother

My younger brother has always been a bit of a selfish person, and for the last 18 years he has always made sure to put himself first. He always wants something now, without delay, regardless of who he inconveniences. Up until a few days ago I hated that about him, but it has it's rewards.I was in the bathroom early one morning when I heard a hard knock on the door. It was my brother saying he needed the shower now to get ready to meet some friends. I told him to fuck off and wait, but he'd have Read more [...]

Family Canoe Trip

It was the second day of the canoe trip and after being on the water all day and having a few cocktails by the crackling fire my wife decided she was going to turn in and get ready for the following day.This left her mother and I sitting by the fire drinking and talking and as the time slipped by we soon heard my wife's low snores emanating from our tent and we both laughed and agreed she was worn out.Her mother stated that it was almost 1:00 a.m. and said she needed to go to the bathhouse Read more [...]

Our Shared Bathroom

My sister, Jen, was a real bombshell. As soon as she hit puberty her body began to blossom out like the most beautiful flower emerging from a bud. Here and there her body had lengthened, in other places she narrowed down, and in still others, well, let's just say she had rounded out perfectly. She is now eighteen, two years younger than me. I find her to be one of the most awesome girls I know.You see, it's not just that she is shapely. A statue can be shapely, so can the subject of a painting, Read more [...]

Digital Camera Wonders sister sex 2

"Oh, nothing, just wanted to see how you were." He smiled back at her."Doing fine, thank you, wha-," She was cut off by him."Found this," he pulled the digital camera out from behind him.Oh crap, she thought, she almost fell down from the mere sight of him holding her camera. She forgot to take it back with her when she was finished loading the pictures up. Leah was afraid he was upset with her and was confronting her before he punished her. "I'm so sorry!" She cried out without a moment Read more [...]

Digital Camera Wonders sister sex 1

Thomas sat at his computer looking up some porn sites, nothing else to do, he thought. No one was home and figure he would get online and have a private masturbating session. He saved the hot pictures on the computer in a special folder, he had to be careful because he also shared this computer with his little sister, they didn't have private sides like most personal computers. They shared the computer whole, and it wasn't a big deal anyways. They had their separate folders and no problems yet had Read more [...]

Seducing Big Brother

"Ever had a blowjob?" Tiffany asked, looking over at her older brother with a hint of lust in her eighteen year old eyes."Maybe, stop asking me this stuff. I am not going to do anything like that with you, I am your brother." Terry sat there flipping through the channels on the living room television set. "What got you into this by the way?""No it isn't," she snapped back. "We both love each other and it would only be natural.""We are related! Brother and sister." Terry stood up and headed Read more [...]