Uncle Paul – Chapter 1

I lived with my mom and dad in Washington DC, but I barely saw either one of them because they both worked long hours. Most of the time I was home by myself. I didn’t really have friends, so I learned to be cool with being a loner.Dad was a police officer, and mom worked for some business-consulting firm. Dad was an attractive man, and in my seventeen years of life, I've seen him bring at least thirty different women into our home.One particular night, mom was out of town attending a conference Read more [...]

A sister solves her brothers virginity.

I had come home from a party early because I had a fight with my boyfriend, who I had caught kissing another girl.I was lying on my bed watching some porn, and just fingering my vagina and pubic hair. I wasn’t actually masturbating, just touching and feeling it. I was frustrated because my boyfriend and I usually had sex on the way home, and in view of the fight, I was not going to get any tonight. I loved sex and the feelings it gives me when the boy touches me. I have had a few boyfriends Read more [...]

Helping Daddy in the Business

It was around 12.30 A.M, and I was in my bed. I was totally naked, lying on my back, and my step-dad’s cock was inside my pussy. He had been fucking me for the past few minutes, and he was ready to cum any time soon. I was moaning loud, asking him to fuck me harder.“Give it to me, Daddy. Oh yes, give it to me deep,” I screamed in pleasure.“Fuck, you are such a hot slut,” Dad said, grabbing my boobs and fucking me harder.He pulled out his cock, and shot a huge load of cum all Read more [...]

I caught my daughter having sex with her girlfriend

I lost my wife four years ago to a brain tumor. It was sudden and without warning and our daughter, Christine, and I were devastated. Christine was very close to her mom and took her death very hard. She became rebellious and spent all of her time locked away in her bedroom.Christine is now eighteen and is finally normal again. We’ve become close and are “buddies”, to use her word to describe our relationship. She has a BFF, Fiona, who she spends a lot of time with and they sleep-over every Read more [...]

I’m Having Sex With My Sister, But Fantasize About My Mother

My mother is a very hard worker. She is a single mother and she is a dancer. My sister and I know our mother is a stripper, but we just let her tell us that she dances for a company or whatever story she is selling that week. Our mother is a very attractive woman. She is five foot seven inches and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. Our mother is very fit and she is extremely busty. I would think she is a 38D. She has very long legs and a great ass. Our mother is always wearing very skimpy clothes Read more [...]

Sisters putting on a show? The ultimate sex epic

It was good to be home. Red was bustling around the house doing maid things in one of her feverish bouts of energy and enthusiasm. I didn’t like the way she was looking at me, but I did my best to ignore her. I had a text from Sandy, thanking me for last night. Rolling my eyes, I made myself a sandwich and moved on with my life as best I could with my ribs aching the way they were.Inevitably, I found myself at my computer, taking stock of the feud between myself and my fellow amateur erotica Read more [...]

In the Arms of Serenity

A day in the life of Kane, and the love of his life, his sister, Serenity.The cute, faint little noise she makes every time she breathes out. How am I supposed to sleep?It was 12:42AM, my eyes were heavy with tiredness, and all I could do was softly stroke my sister's beautiful blond hair. Her legs wrapped around mine under the blanket made it feel like a forest fire under there, but I didn't want to move. That would just wake her up, and that's the last thing I wanted to do.Although I couldn't Read more [...]

Santa gave me the best gift this Christmas

It was Christmas time, the time of year that the whole family gathers and you give and receive presents to the ones you love. Although this year I gave and received in a different way, which I never saw coming at the beginning of the day. The usual plan for Christmas is that the family would meet at my house and spend time together and this year was no different. The family soon gathered at my house for the family festivities and it was all good fun.Around 1:00 p.m. my amazing Aunt Holly walked Read more [...]

My Step-Son Fucked Me In The Office

Wearing a white shirt and black skirt along with high heels, I was sitting in my office. After the death of my husband five years ago, I took care of our company and I was doing a pretty good job. In an hour I had a meeting and I was just preparing myself for the presentation.“Hey Mom,” suddenly my step-son, Drake, entered in the room.“Hi, what are you doing here?” I replied because he supposed to be in the college.Drake was nineteen years-old. He was a very good looking guy. Read more [...]

Being Daddy’s cheap slut

It was my eighteenth birthday. A few hours ago I was enjoying the party with my friends, and now I was in my room getting fucked by my step-dad, John. My panties were on the floor next to me, I was bending over the bed, and John was fucking my ass from behind. I wasn’t a virgin, but he did take my anal virginity. I wasn’t kinky, but in the past one hour he had turned my ass red with hard spankings.A few hours ago my mom was at the door welcoming all the guests in my birthday party; my step-dad Read more [...]