Goldilocks and the Three Bears

There was once a family of three men, who were known locally as “The Three Bears” who lived in a cozy cottage in the woods where they worked as lumberjacks. There was great big, more than seven foot tall “Daddy Bear”, medium size six foot four “Uncle Bear”, and a shorter, eighteen year old “Junior Bear”. They got their name from the huge quantity of Read more […]

Poolside Nymphs-Lydia and Maddie Pt. 2

This is the second part of a previous story found in the Group section on this site. Comments are welcome and appreciated. Poolside Nymphs- Lydia and Madelynn Pt. 2 I finally convinced Dan and Brett to step away from the window and to stop ogling my newfound friends. They Read more […]

Aunt Kate and Mom 2

Just after a couple of hour with Clark ream me a new ass hole, I told Kate that I felt like I could get pregnant . Kate said that would be the first time up the ass. Kate hurry up and call mom ,and told her I might be ready to give you a grandchild. Kate insisted on driven me to mom house, she had a big SUV and my ass was sore ,I didn’t put on my robe I just rode nude in the car Read more […]

Summer Lovin’

She could hear the rain as it hit the oak wood of her front porch where she used to sit and watch him. Watch him chop thousands of slabs of pine. Watch him, shirtless, as he raked his yard and the sweat, and the sweet taste of love poured over his face and the glow of the sun beamed over his dark, muscular body and back. In a million years, Julie never thought the same man she had been watching through Read more […]

Used To Knock Up Girl From India

Hey Gang, It has been really busy around here of late. I wrote while back about my friends from India that have a convenience store over in Carolina and the fun we had including their niece that they wanted to open up. Well, Rahnee, the wife of Suren called me Thursday afternoon and asked if I was busy for the weekend. I checked and was not occupied with anything that could not be canceled or moved. Read more […]

Fucking my bestfriends mom

Let Me Describe myself a little I’m 6’2 about 200 pounds and very built about an 8 and a half inch dick. My friend is about 6’0 175 pounds built to no day. His mother who is a single mom about 5’7 beautiful as can be about 36C Tits a nice and tight firm ass. Father was not all that ready to be a father so the mother divorced him while the kid was still at a young age. Ok so one night it was about 12 Read more […]

My beautiful pregnnant girlfriend

I was laying in bed and again I noticed I was looking at girlfriend. I thought she was attractive, even now. Even when she kept cursing her swollen belly and breast which no longer felt as if they were hers. It is also easy for me to say, I know that for sure. I have no notice of the inconveniences which come look at. Nausea, the mood swings (although I she gives me a fair share of those ones too) Read more […]