The Renters – part 2

 The RentersI woke up the next morning feeling strangely satisfied. After staggering around my bedroom for some cloths my mind gradually wrapped itself around the events of the prior day.Still slightly weak in the legs I shuffled to the bathroom to get ready for the workday. I heard voices come through my vented bathroom window as it was above the backyard deck and pool. “So my new flat mates are already up.” I thought to myself.“This is a beautiful place.” I could hear Laura saying. “We’re Read more […]

Stoned and fucked hard

When we were separated my wife went thru and ordeal that took her years to tell me about after we got back together. She wasn’t too used to being single and sort of went along with anyone in doing stuff. She had not been very experienced in sex before we wed but had gained experience quite rapidly with me. This didn’t help her on this episode. She had went dancing and drinking at a local Read more […]

Sex with Office Colleague and Her Husband

Hello readers! This is Niloy and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My email address is: [email protected] I work for an MNC and aged in 26. I am an average good looking person and am placed well in the company. I recently joined this company where I am working now and met this beautiful girl in the training as we were suppose to work for the same process. I saw her and that moment I began to lust Read more […]


 ——————————————————- While enjoying watching my mate Dave and my wife secretly – as they believed – screwing over the last few weeks, my ultimate desire to get my wife on the end of two cocks at the same time was still in the planning stage. Of course my cock is one of the two in the plan as I really want to be close up as Jackie is cumming off on another man’s cock. Although I’ve seen her being fucked,its always been at some distance so that the bloke Read more […]

Truth or dare with my wife and her brother

As always this is 100% TRUE Parts of my life i have decided to put on paper so to speak I will describe my wife Amanda for those who dont remember 5’6” 117 lbs shoulder length auburn red hair and emerald green eyes 38 c titties. This takes place about a week after I saw her fucking her mom and dad and I got to fuck her little sister while we watched them. We were home alone her parents where out of town at a church seminar or something and her little sister was staying with Read more […]

Sister’s sleeping friend

One night, after an evening of heavy drinking, I stumbled clumsily into the house to find my older sister and her best friend passed out on the couch, as they had obviously been drinking themselves. My sister lifted her head up and mumbled something that resembled that I should help her and her friend up to bed. I sighed and agreed. I carried my sister up to her room, placed her in the bed, and went to grab her friend. I laid her carefully into the bed in the guest room, and as Read more […]

Mom and I at the Adult Store

I really began enjoying Mom and I being “out” together and she was really turning into my girlfriend since Janet had her baby and now Janet and Dad spent a lot of time together. Mom and I were out one evening and dove by an Adult Store and Mom said, “Let’s go back and see what they have.” I turned the car around and we parked in the front with no other cars around at all. There were two other stores Read more […]