Fishing Tournament

We went to our room to stretch out a little, and continue the buzzed we started in the car. Ron already had a six pack and I was working on my second joint. We figured since there was no fishing it was party time. We showered and were still working on our high, when Ron announced that he was very hungry and we should order something to eat. We called room service, ordered some burgers and fries, they told us it would be about 40 mins.  Ron got up took of his clothes, exposing his totally naked cock, and challenged that if I could get him off before room service arrived he would suck my cock when they brought in our food. But if I didn’t I would continue to suck him when they brought the food.  We agreed. I told him to get on all fours, I knew he liked getting his ass licked, I got on the bed behind him, sat between his legs and began licking around on his ass, then I started at his balls and went all the way up his ass.
He squirmed and wiggled as I lick his ass, then sucking his bald balls in my mouth and twirling my tongue around them.  I knew he wouldn’t last much longer so I got under his cock, I licked the precum from the tip, and then began sucking, the whole thing, up and down, up and down.  He was quickening his pace so I stuck my finger up his ass, and with that he started cuming, it seemed lick a quart, but I love the taste of cum so I swallowed all I could. It was great. And I still had time to spare. I let Ron collect him self and told him “Now I think it’s your turn”, I laid down and Ron got on top in a 69 postion, “Enjoy” he said. And with that he started sucking my naked dick. Ron was good, this wasn’t our first time. He sucked hard and fast, hoping he could finish me before room service arrived. But he didn’t make it, there was a knock on the door, and a voice said,” Room Service “, Ron stopped long enough to tell them to come in. In walks a young boy about 16, his jaw dropped when he saw Ron sucking my dick. “You can just put it down any where”, I said. He did, but never took his eyes off of my cock going in Ron’s mouth. I asked him if he wanted to join us, if not he could jack off and watch. He pulled down his pants and began jerking off like mad. I watch as pulled on his dick when he shot his cum into the air, with that I let go a huge load in Ron’s mouth, some ran out but he swallowed most. The young boy pulled up his pant’s didn’t say a word and left. Ron and I jumped in the shower again to rinse of the cum and sweat, as I rubbed my dick it got hard again so I asked Ron to bend over, I soaped up my cock and his ass. Slowly I tried to slip my dick in his ass. It was tight but we got there, I fucked his ass while I played with his cock and balls until he got hard and we switched. After fucking in the shower awhile, we went back to the bed, this time we layed next to each other on our sides. I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking while he sucked my hairless balls. I told him I wanted him to get over my mouth so I could lick his asshole some more, and I wanted him to jack off in my mouth. I lick his ass like mad, then here he came, he moved his cock over my mouth,” I’m gonna cummm”, “Please”, I begged. He came gallons, I choked, gaged but I swallowed it. I loved it. I came all over my own chest and face, the mix of our cum was pretty good. Well, we finish 14th but had a blast.  Bye.