Grandpa and Me

This is the story about when my grandfather and I had sexual relations. It kind of just happened. We had an amazing evening, but it was one of those once in a lifetime situations.

My mother is a single mother. She said she never even told the man who got her pregnant. She only dated him a little while. She wanted a baby and once she found out she was pregnant the relationship ended shortly after that. My mother was twenty-one when she had me. She is now 38 and I am eighteen.

I am a small girl. I am about 5 feet and weigh about hundred pounds. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I have had a boyfriend for about two years. I don’t know if he is the one, but we certainly love each other. We have been having sex since I was seventeen. My mother really likes my boyfriend.

I have been going to a local college and taking classes. I am not sure what I exactly want to do yet, but have been taking business classes. You really don’t need to choose your major right away. My mother said to go to the local college, get my associates degree, and then change to a bigger university. She has worked hard and is putting me through college. My mother is my best friend and we get along really well.

My mother had always worked a few jobs. She is lucky because her parents always have watched me. My mother is a hair dresser and a waitress at night. She is always working and my grandparents always have looked after me. Sometimes I would even stay at their house if my mom was working a double shift.

I am very close to both my grandparents. My grandmother recently died and my grandfather has been very sad. I have been spending a lot of time at his house recently. We get along really well. My grandfather is a very nice man. We both like to play board games and play cards when I am over there. We usually will get pizza and then just play lots of games into the evening. I will always stay the evening so he has company. My mother is working so sometimes I don’t feel like being alone.

On my last trip something kind of different happened. We ordered the pizza and we were playing gin rummy because that it the card game we like to play. A few hours had passed and my grandfather started to cry. He just sobbed and I didn’t know what to do. I gave him a big hug and told him everything would be okay. We were embraced for a little while. That is when things got a little strange.

I was wearing denim skirt and a sweater with boots. My grandfather started to rub and massage my buttocks. We were in a tight squeeze. I didn’t know what to do. Then he move my skirt a little further up my thigh and put his hands right on my panties.

I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just so lonely and missed my grandmother. He said he just wanted to cuddle like he did with his wife. I just wanted to make him feel better and let him continue to play with my buttocks. His hands reached into my panties and he cupped my buttocks in his hands. I could feel his erection pressing into my legs.

My grandfather then picked me up and put me on his dining room table. He gave me a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined in each others mouth. He spread my legs, moved my skirt up, and removed my panties. He then got on his knees and began to lick my pussy. I was not sure what to do, but after awhile it really felt good. I have had oral sex with my boyfriend, but grandpa was a very experienced man.

My grandfather spent a lot of time on my clit and he put his finger into my wet pussy. He moved his fingers in and out slowly. He curved his fingers and rubbed and massaged my g-spot, which felt so good. He would change between his fingers and his tongue. Grandfather had a very long tongue. My grandfather ate my pussy for like thirty minutes. I was moaning and groaning and had a pulsating orgasm in my grandfather’s mouth. After that, he said he wanted to make me feel even better.

He carried me to his bedroom and slowly undressed me. He was kissing me very passionately. His hands were again on my buttocks and his fingers were on my pussy. He was rubbing my clit and slid his finger into my throbbing pussy. Grandfather was fingering my pussy very slowly. He slid his cock into my pussy and made passionate love to me. He thrust into my vagina very slowly and gently. His hand was cupping and massaging my breasts. We were kissing deep and passionately. We made passionate love.

My grandfather told me to get on my hands and knees and he slid his cock into my pussy doggie style. He was pulling my hips into his cock and fucking me a bit harder now. He seemed to really like my round ass and would smooth his hand along my buttocks. Grandfather was moaning and groaning and thrusting harder and faster. Grandfathers balls were slapping into my ass. My pussy was clenching onto his cock as he was fucking me. I told my grandfather I was going to orgasm and he said he would too. We both came together.

My grand father pulled his cock out of my pussy and asked if I could give him a blow job. He said his wife wasn’t much of a cocksucker and would enjoy a nice blow job. Grandfather started to beg and said this would just be wonderful if I could give him this pleasure.

I got on my knees and took grandfathers cock into my mouth. Grandfather played with my breasts, while I gave him head. He was moaning and groaning and pinching my nipples, while I took his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I guess my grandfather was about six inches long, but he was very thick. I was slurping and gagging on his cock. He was pulling and pinching my erect nipples.

Grandfather was holding my face and began to face fuck my mouth. He was thrusting harder and faster into my mouth. I kept pace with him. Even though grandfather was an older man he could keep an erection. He later said he took a Viagra. He then said that he was going to cum and spewed his spunk down my throat. I swallowed it all down and continued to slurp on grandfathers cock. He said that was the best blow job he ever had.

Grandfather reminded me never to tell my mother want had happened here today. He thanked me and said this was a once in a lifetime situation and that this would not be happening again. But he will always remember the day he fucked his granddaughter and the day I gave him the best blow job he ever had.