Me and My Brother

Hey, i am Mamta Mishra from Koraput, Orissa. I am 22 years old. I am well developed that means that doesnot need any description of my figure. I am fair. My hairs are very long, spongy and are very thick. Most of the time they are tied with a band and given freedom.

My only brother is 25 years old. He has an eye always at me. Where ever i am going, to whom i am speaking and what i am doing, his eyes are at me. So most of the time we quarrel with one another. Most of the time i wear such types of dresses that my under-garments may be cleana and clear to other persons.

My mother is no more and my papa is working in a Govt. Office. So he is out of home most of the time. As mother is no more we children have less secret at home. When rain comes, my brother brings my clothes( including pantie and bra ) from outside to home. That means that my brother touches my inner garments when they are out of my body.

Once upon a time my friend Soumiya Satcharita Mohapatra called me for her Birthday party. She knows that papa is out and we are two . so he called my brother too. At about 11.00a.m. of that day my brother was ready for the party and he told me to change dress and join the party, quickly. I agreed and went into my room. There i opened my t-shirt and trying to open the hook of my bra, than a bunch of hairs joined the hook and they were not separating from the hook and as the hook is at the back side, my hands were not so free in that reason for special purposes.

Than i called my brother for help. He came in and see me in naket and closed his eyes first and said what help he can provide me. I said him my problem that a bunch of hairs were making trouble in my hook. He looked the hook and told that from many days i am telling you to cut these long hairs but you are not listening to me. Now in this busy schedule they are creating problem. He tried a lot and told me that he will go to hotel and bring foods for me and not go to the party. He has some work and for party he will be late. But i denied his desire. Than he tried a lot on those hairs and on that hook. He tried his mouth on hook and hair. He told me that some of my hairs were cut by teeth as for the hook.

Than again he told me to have a hair cut to save times. Than i had no option, he cut about 30cms long of my hair, than he cut the strip of my bra and unhooked. He was angry of me for late. I asked me how am i looking. He looked at me and came front side and said wonderful. than his face became down again and said you are my sister …… otherwise. I was not in a mood of sex but ……….. I asked him if i am your wife than…. He looked at me and kissed. He told me if you are my wife and in such a fantastic hair cut, than i cant control my self. He pressed my boobs and took me to the bed. He made me to sleep on the bed and opened my pantie.

I am not in a position to describe all the happenings, that that time i lost my lovely hair and virginity. persons write to me