Me, my aunt and my cousin

This is not a fiction and this story happened when I was 17 doing my 1st P.U.
Let me introduce myself. I’m Rodney from Bangalore I’m 20yrs old and studying in a college in b’lore. The incident happened back in Coimbatore when I had been to see my aunt. Her name is Nirmala 38 with 36-30-34 size and a mother of 9yr old and 1 1/2 yr old kid. Husband is Badbanaban 40 working in the collector’s office as some officer. I went to her house and she & her husband gave a good welcome party to me. After a day my cousin also accompanied me to stay with her. My cousin is of my age and he is studying in Chennai. He is of my age and he is Karthikeyan and he is well built as me.

It all started when I & my cousin were alone with my aunt when my uncle went for his office. My aunt went to have her bath and I went out for a walk and I returned to home, the front door was opened and went inside to see my cousin peeping into the bathroom keyhole to see my aunt having her bath. He also invited me to see that gorgeous scene.
I was really amazed to see that. See is really hot with well shaped butt and boobs.
We both were enjoying things till she finishes her bath. She then went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for us and we started to stare at her boobs and her butt. We were caught by her when we were staring at her boobs, she showed some aggression’s I went out but my cousin tried to seduce her in some way. He used to take bath by keeping the bathroom door open and he also keeps the door open when he changes his dress also. My aunt has seen him nude several times and she didn’t even mind it. When I tried the same with her she stared me for a second and she went away.

That evening she called both of us and she was discussing about the seduction plan. She told us that our attraction towards her is not right and she asked to stop it else leave the home. My cousin started to beg and he went straight to her by kneeling. Meanwhile our uncle interrupted and we stopped our discussion.

The next morning we both waited for the time when she goes for taking bath. She went to take bath and we started our business of peeping, she is so clever that she covered the key hole with one of her clothes and she took bath and after bath she came to us and asked about our disappointment. Then we both planned to seduce her.
We both had our lunch and went to sleep after telling to our aunt. We both made a plan we both slept in our room’s nude and with our doors opened.
First she came to my room saw my hard cock and she stared for a while and she went but she doesn’t seem to be in trusted. The next day I made the same plan and she came to my room stared at my hardcock and she was standing there for a while. My cousin came in and he said “Stop acting u bitch and start sucking my cousin’s cock.”

She was caught now and my cousin also stood nude. Now this must have made my aunt horny. She stared at me and my cousin’s hard dick. She slowly approached us and she pushed on the bed and she held our cock in her hand. We both undressed her and we pushed her on bed and I sucked her right boob, while my cousin was sucking her left boob. Fresh milk was coming out her boobs even after a year of her pregnancy. She was so horny that she said “Suck ur aunt’s boobs, it’s all for ur’s to drink” She moaned as Aaaaaaaahhhhhh…..
Then my cousin moved to lick her pussy and I was sucking her boob still drinking her milk. She held my head in one hand and pressing my cousin’s head towards her pussy in her other hand. She was enjoying each and every second of that moment. Then I was lying on my back and she came to me and she asked me to have the pleasure of licking my aunt’s pussy. I did it immediately and she gave her pussy to me. Meanwhile my cousin went back of her and he started to lick her asshole. She pressed her boobs by herself and started to moan in loud noise as ooooooohhhhhhhh. Goooooddddd more…..
I took my tongue deep inside as I can and she was really enjoying it. Suddenly I felt some hot liquid coming out of her pussy, she had her orgasm and I drank every drop of it. She then came to me and she kissed me and we kissed for 10minutes and my cousin shifted from her asshole to her pussy. She is in fact a very good kisser.

Then my cousin turned her and he started to kiss her and she started to jerk of my cock.
I then moved to her pussy and I let my tool enter her, my cousin was busy kissing her and fondling her boobs. Now I entered her pussy and she was moaning and she started to kiss my cousin vigorously and he too responded well. I was moving in and out of her and gradually I increased my speed. She was moaning loudly and she stopped kissing my cousin and she held me tight by holding and massaging my ass. Now my cousin started to suck her breast and that gave her a good feeling.

Her pussy was feeling so good for my cock and we both had our orgasm together and she hugged me and kissed me with love. Now my cousin moved to her pussy cleaned all my cum and her fingered her for a while and then it was his turn. Now he started to fuck her hard. She now took my cock in mouth and she circled my cock’s head with her tongue and she took it deep into her mouth and she gave me a wonderful blow-job for the next 10 minutes and I came again in her mouth and this time the moaning sound was of me and my cousin. Because we both came in her together but she did not. She didn’t leave my cousin and she started to move her waist up and down. But my cousin could not I went for help and I did the job with my semi hard cock. It automatically increased its size when it went inside my aunt’s pussy. She came with a loud moan.

Then I fell tired on her with my cock inside her pussy and she had her hands firmly on my ass cheeks. My cousin had his mouth on her breast and we all fell asleep. We woke up together in the evening around 5p.m had our bath and we had another fucking session in the bathroom had coffee with our aunt’s milk mixed with cow’s milk, and awaited for uncle’s arrival and the next morning.

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