My aunt breastfeeds me

Hi readers,
i m a regular reader of this site. today i want to share a real experience of my life wid u all. Though its nothin to do sex, but i can never forget the incident in my life. Now i m 26 yrs of age and still unmarried. Right from my childhood I hav always dreamt of being breastfed and this came true oneday. This incident goes way bac when i was just 18 yrs old.

My youngest aunt (mousi) who was 24 yrs then came for a visit to our place. She was married almost one and a half year bac and had a 2 months old daughter. As we lived in a small house then, I had to share my bed wid my aunt. Though i loved my aunt very much, yet I was feeling uneasy to sleep wid her as i thought i was a grown up boy then. But my mummy scolded me and forced me 2 sleep with her.

After supper, we went for bed. My aunt slept in between me and the baby. After about half an hour or so, the baby started to cry. My aunt put her onto her breast and it stopped crying. The baby slept after a few minutes. But this made me excited very much. I hav already told u that i hav always had a strong desire of being breastfed by a woman. So after much thinking and hesitation, i asked my aunt if i too could drink her milk. Hearing this, my aunt gave me a nice scolding. She threatened to tell my mom about this.I was very naughty from my childhood and adamant too. I knew my aunt loved me very much so I began to act and started crying. I began to say her that she did not love me and so she didnt want to feed me her milk. Hearing me crying, perhaps my aunt melt down. She began to explain me that breast milk is only for babies and not a grown up boy like me. I did not listen her and continued crying. My aunt who had a very soft corner for me in her heart agreed at last. My heart cried with joy at this coz my dream was coming true. I dont remember the taste of my mothers milk, but now i had an opportunity to taste it. My aunt made me promise tht after that i would never ask her for tht again. I agreed.

She turned towards me and lifted her blouse and forwarded her right breast to me. I had never imagined that her breast could be so large inside. They were white in colour and the nipple was red surrounded by black aerola. I readily put the nipple inside my mouth. I felt like i was in heaven when her sweet milk began to flow inside my mouth. I began to drink her warm milk. My aunt loving put her hand on my head as i too was her baby. She was very tired that day due to the journey and soon fell asleep with her breast still in my mouth. After a few minutes i finished up the whole milk. I was still not satisfied and opened her left part of the blouse myself and started drinking again. I still remeber the taste of the milk and still consider today, tht i hav never tasted a better thing than it.

Next morning, wen i saw her feedin my cousin again, the same desire rew in my mind again. But i was very grateful to my aunt and did not want to annoy her again. I was more grateful to her as she did not disclose it to my mom. But she used to tease me recalling the incident now and then.

Even today, wen i m 26 and my aunt in her thirties, my aunt teases me sometimes recalling the incident. I feel like i would die of shame. I hav always considered her next to my mom and do still today. But still today, i wish, i m breastfed again by my aunt with her sweet milk. Still today, I hav the same obsession for breast milk as i used to have during my childhood. I would consider myself very lucky if my future wife, whom i have never seen till today, fulfills my dream after she bears my child. If any other lady wishes to fulfil the same may e-mail me at [email protected]