My first experience

Hi I’m Tina from Baroda. I ‘m going to tell u about my first experience with my … it was two years back when I was of 18 years. My mom went to my uncle’s town and she was supposed to come after 15 days. At home we are only three person left. Myself, my brother and my dad. I was always hot for my dad, he has very well built physics, because he was very good sportsman. And I know at this age also my mom and dad enjoy sex almost 3-4 times in a week. I often peeping them. After 3 days of my mom gone, at night near about 11.30 I wake up and went to bathroom, while coming back I peeped in my dad room, to check whether I could see something special, and to my surprise I could see my dad was masturbating.. I can understand his desire. I came back to my room and thinking that how I could have sex with my dad. After thinking long I plan for next day. At noon when my brother was at college, dad came for lunch; I wore very tight jeans and t-shirt without bra so my dad could see my breast very well. While having lunch he was staring my boobs. I knew that.

But I could not get courage to proceed. My dad was still staring my boobs. And I thought dad NE SOCHA HOGA KI MUHJE SHAYAD ACHCHA NAHI LAGEGA, PAR USE KYA PATA MEIN BHI TO WOHI CHAHTI THI, after having lunch, I went to my room, I thought my dad will come to my room, as he was enjoying my boobs display through my t-shirt, but I effort were vain, he went to office back, I disappointed, AB TO LAGA KI MUJHE HI KUCH KARNA PADEGA, I made plan for night, after having dinner, my brother went to sleep in his room. I mix sleeping pills in my brother’s milk. So he soon in deep sleep and now he wont wake for at least 5 to 6 hours. I called my dad to have dinner, and again I went to my room and put on that sexy t-shirt on without bra, while serving dinner I intentionally rub my boobs to my dad shoulder and hand, I saw bulge increasing in his pant.

I sure he was also hot, but we both have lack of courage. But I gave lots of hint to him while having dinner, after finishing dinner, he went to his room, and I know what he will go to do, so I went stealthily towards his room, and my thinking was right he was masturbating. And as we never lock our room from inside, I pushed door rapidly and went inside room, dad shocked seeing me in room, he became bit angry, but more embarrass. I went straight toward him and said that I also love to do that. AB DAD NE MUJHE APNI BAHO MEIN LIYA AUR MERE HOTHON PE USNE APNE HOTH RAKH DIYE AND while kissing he inserted in tongue deep in my mouth, I grab his hand and put it on my breast, he started squeezing my boobs, I started moaning OHHHH DADY, JOR SE DABAO, AUR JORSE BAHOT MAJAA AA RAHA HAI, AHHHH. While his hand was busy with my breast, I unbutton his shirt and removed it. And as he already had his pant and underwear off, I sit on my knees and take his 8” erect cock in my hand and kissed his love tool. After kissing it I wrap my lips on the head of his dick and started giving him blowjob.

AB TO DADY KHUD APNA LUND MERE MUHME DALNE LAGE AUR UNDER BAHAR KARNE LA GE, As he was so hot since afternoon, WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF BLOW JOB, DAD TOLD ME THAT HE WAS CUMING, PAR MEINE USKA LUND MUHSE BAHAR NAHIN NIKALA AUR TAB EK GARM FAWARA JAISE KI MERE MUHME NIKLA and he spurt his semen in my mouth I swallowed it, I enjoyed test, now dad was busy to undress me soon he removed my t-shirt and jeans and underwear, I was standing naked as the day I was born. Dad told me to lay down on bed and he sit between my thighs and start rubbing his finger over lips of my shaven cunt. as I was virgin, electric spark went through my body, my body arc as he insert his one fingure in my cunt, soon only my shoulder and feet was touching bed, AB DADY KI DO FINGURE MERI CHOOT KE UNDER BAHAR HONE LAGI AND MERI CUNT MESE PANI BEHNE LAGA, HE KISS THERE AND I WAS IN SEVENTH HEAVEN, I WAS ENJOYING HIS TONGUE. AHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH DADY, I HAD ORGASM THERE, PAR DAD CONTINUE TO LICK ME, NOW I FEEL THAT I WILL DIE IF HE WILL NOT FUCK ME, I TOLD DAD TO INSERT HIS DICK IN MY CUNT.

As my cunt was very wet and juicy it did not need any extra lubrication, dad put head of his cock on my cunt lips it felt so hot like hot iron rod, his first stroke was gentle as this was my first time. But my cunt was so tight that he was unable to insert his dick , so he withdraw his dick and rammed again in heavy stroke, I shouted loudly as I was not ready for that kind, but DAD was experienced man he soon closed my mouth with his mouth, my eyes widened, but only his half cock was inserted, so he withdraw again, and told me to be brave and he rammed me like bullet and he was in, his cock tear my hymen, I was no longer virgin, DAD was my first fuck, blood came out from my cunt, dad was lying on me, kissing me and caressing me, after some times pain disappear and I felt happiness of his manhood, now slowly he started his cock in and out , I also enjoying then, PHIR TO DAD NE APNI SPEED AUR TEZ KARDI, AUR MEIN BHI USE ENCOURGE KARNE LAGI, JORSE DADY, PHAD DALO MERI CHUT KO, FUCK ME HARD AND HARDER AND FASTER, soon he was fucking me in very heavy stoke. I was moaning loudly, AHHHHHHHH OHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD, I responding him by lifting my heaps and to match his motion, DAD told me that he was cumming, I told me to stay for a while to make me also cum, and after few more stroke I came and dad also spurt his load in my hot cunt, and it felt more heat inside, dad lay there with his dick in my pussy.

After brief rest we continued our game, and after enjoying second round of heavy sex, I kissed good night to him and went to sleep in my room. We continued our relationship even after my mom returned, we used to mix sleeping pills in my mom and brothers milk, whenever we want to enjoy.