My lil sister

My name is Amit an am from DELHI and this is a true story about what happened to me last summer. First, let me tell you about my baby sister. Her name is Monica, and she’s gorgeous. You’ve never seen a 18 year old with a body like hers. She’s 5-5, 110lbs, 34C, long black hair and a gorgeous ass. It was a monday, and my parents were gone to work. I had went out with my friends early in the morning to play basketball and my sister was at home sleeping (or so i thought). After I finished playing ball with my friends, I returned home and was ready to hit the shower.

As I walked up the stairs, I heard some noises coming from Monica’s room. I peeked thru the door and I saw some guy fucking my little sister! She was wearing nothing except for her black bra, and she was sitting on his huge cock. It must have been at LEAST 8 inches. I couldnt believe it. This dude, who was probably around my age (20) was pounding my sister’s pussy, and she was enjoying every minute of it. “Yes yes yes Anil, give it to me”, she kept screaming. She was on top of him facing the door, so i had a perfect view of my sister’s pussy and her beautiful breasts.

As an older brother, I should have been furious, but I was surprisingly aroused. I always thought my sister was beautiful, and now I was seeing somebody fuck her the way I wanted to. Anyway, I still burst into the room and shocked my sister. I yelled at her, “Monica, what the fuck are you doing?? You fucking whore, you bring guys to the house when you are alone huh?” My sister started crying, and I felt a little bad. By this time I had thrown the guy out of my house and he kept apologizing for screwing my sister. My sister was sitting on the bed crying, looking at me. She asked me, “Amit Bhaiya, are you going to tell mom and dad? They will never forgive me for this! You must not tell them!! Please, I’m begging you!!” I felt bad for her.

“Monica, I dont know. This is bad. However, if you could persuade me to forget what i saw….” I couldn’t believe this. I was actually taking advantage of my baby sister. She knew what I wanted, and she smiled. She wanted it too. She walked up to me and then got on her knees. “Boy Amit, your cock must be huge. I bet you’d like me to suck it huh…Maybe your little sister can show you a good time”. My cock was hard as a rock now, and I wanted to do my sister every way possible. She took my cock out of my pants and slowly started licking the head. She licked under my dick and started sucking on my balls. “Monica, you are fantastic..keep sucking…suck me like you were sucking that guy”. I was loving every minute of it.

She put my cock all the way in her mouth and was sucking it like she was a teenage whore. I couldnt resist the pleasure and I shot my load in her mouth. “Mmmmm, big brother, you taste great”, she replied as she wiped the cum off her mouth. She began to leave the room, and I stopped her. “We arent done yet Monica”. I grabbed her towards me and started kissing her passionately while my hands explored her body. I took off her bra and sucked on her nipples and loved every minute of it. Soon we were fucking in every position, and I even penetrated her tight ass with my throbbing manhood. I came on her ass, and she smiled as she enjoyed it all.

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