My widow aunty

Hi I am Rajesh from Bombay. I want to share my true sex encounter with my aunt Meena who is 39 years old. She is fat, tall and has white complexion. Her boobs are like ripen mango.

Let me come to the true story. It happened when I was 17 year of age and was in the vacation after writing SSC exam. As a vacation tour my mom sent me to my aunt’s house in Delhi. I went alone there. My aunty is a widow. She had one son and one daughter. Her son (Kiran) is working in U.K. and her daughter (Reena) is doing engineering in a Delhi collage.

When I gone there her daughter had holiday. So I enjoyed my vacation. But after 5 days she had left the house and gone to hostel for studying.

Here the real story starts. One day I found some alcohol in refrigerator packed with black plastic bags. I was confused seeing that because I don’t know who the drinker is. I decided top find out that. Next night I acted as sleeping to find out, and at around 1:15am
My aunty who was sleeping in bedroom came out and went to kitchen after few minutes she came out with an alcohol bottle and went to bedroom. I without making any noise went near the door of bedroom and found that my auntie is drinking that alcohol. After seeing my mind was not with me. I thought of fucking my auntie. I even started making plan for that. Next morning I got a plan. I brought some sex pills and there where three bottles two were packed and one is opened, so I dropped that pills in that bottle. I was eagerly waiting for the night. Night came again I acted as sleeping. It was early my auntie came out and took too bottle one packed and one opened. I went near the door she was in nighty and drank both the bottles and hidden that bottles under the bed. So I removed my T-shirt and went in with only shorts. She was scared a bit, but I asked her that could I sleep with her because I am lonely in the hall. She agreed to me and I acted as sleeping in the bed. She also slept beside me. I slowly stated moving my hands over her tummy. She opened her eye but I continued doing that. And in few seconds I also opened my eyes. She did not remove my hands from her tummy, but she was constantly looking at my eyes. By this I gathered some courage and moved my hands towards her boobs and touched it.

Even now she did nothing but looked ant my eyes, but with in few second she kept her hand over my dick. She got hold of my dick and was slightly masturbated me. When I moved near her she asked, “I want to ride in your dick Rajesh”. I sad nothing and she began to remove my shorts. I was lying nude with my auntie. She moved near my dick and started sucking my dick. This was the first time my dick was sucked by some one. I was feeling a heavens pleasure. With in 10 min I cummed in her face and some in her mouth. She drank all the cum. Now I went on top of my auntie. I kissed her for few seconds. Now I removed her nighty and she was in a black bra and blue underwear. I removed her bra and kissed her boobs, squeezed it, pinched her nipple, sucked her nipple. Now I gradually moved towards her pussy I kissed on her panties and removed it. This was the first time I seen a pussy live. I inserted my finger in it and licked. I drank her pussy water. She was moaning very hard aahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahahaassssssss ssssssssssss.
After few minutes she came and I drank all the cum. She was now telling me to fuck her and widen her legs. I first inserted my finger she mourned. Now I inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her.

She started mourning ahhhhhhaahhhahahaasssssssssssssssssasa. She was telling me to fuck hard and I increased my pace. I can feel my penis moving through her bone. After few minuets I came. I cummed deep in my auntie’s pussy. I fell over my auntie and I started playing with her boobs. By the time my dick is once again erect. I told my auntie to have anal sex. She hesitated a bit but finally agreed. I first licked her ass, asshole and inserted my tongue in her asshole. She mourned and enjoyed the pleasure. I then fucked her asshole. She was mourning very badly. She told me to stop, as it was pain full to her. But I did not stop and continued and cummed in her asshole. After that my dick started paining. We both fell down and slept naked hugging each other.
Next morning when I wake up at 8-o clock I was alone there. I wore my dress and went to hall my auntie was in kitchen. I took bath and had breakfast. After break fast my auntie came near me and sat in sofa.

She said,” forget whatever happened last night, last night I had alcohol and don’t tell this to anybody”.

I said, “I cannot ignore what last night happen and I want that from you”. She said,”but I am your auntie”

I said, “no it’s ok, you are my auntie but at the same time u are a young women. You lost your hubby 8 years back and from past 8 year you might have not had sex”.
Instead of going outside for sex you can have it in your home that to with your own sister’s son.

By this she looked convinced and to develop courage I went near her and kissed her in lips. I kissed her for 2 min and she responded well. Now I took her to the bedroom. I told her to undress her and without a word she become nude and also undressed me. I straightaway started plying with her pussy. She now told me to fuck her. I inserted my dick inside her wet pussy and started fucking. Her mourning gave me pleasure and I also increased my speed. She mourned ahaaahhahhahaaaaaahhahahhahassssssssssss fuck me, fuck me aaaaaaahardahhahaaaaahahahhaha. Fuck your auntie, fuck hard. Your auntie is born for you, for your dick. Now I am about to cum. After 10 min of fucking I came in my sexy auntie deep pussy.

We both were having sex for the whole day and not only one-day but also my full vacation with my auntie in Delhi. Even now when I co to Delhi I have sex with my auntie. If any widow women want to taste my mail me to [email protected]