Penis Problems

This story begins with a boy. The boy in question, Alex, was sitting at the dinner table with a plate of untouched food in front of him and a sullen look on his face. It was a look I had become familiar with over the past couple of weeks. It was evident that something was bothering my sixteen-year-old son, but I didn’t know what.

Alex and I had always shared a close and affectionate relationship and, until now, had always felt comfortable discussing his problems with me, no matter how embarrassing, but this was different. This time I was left guessing and, taking in to account that Alex was your typical awkward adolescent, the possibilities were endless.


The following day was a day of revelations.

It was a warm, fecund morning in April, and I was in the office at work.

“You bugger, I knew it was you,” I snapped.

Tom giggled uncontrollably. “I framed them and hung them on my bedroom wall. After giving them a good sniff, of course.”

“Good lord, please tell me you’re kidding.”

Three weeks previously had been Comic Relief Day. Disappointed by my lack of generosity – due to limited funds – my work colleagues had suggested I partake in an in-house event to raise money for the good cause.

To my surprise – and excitement – it was proposed to me that I strip off all my clothes and saunter naked around the office for the remaining hour of the workday.

Needless to say, given my lifelong desire to expose my body in public mingled with my good-natured generosity, I happily obliged.

So, after over one hundred pound was raised for the event, I slowly and elegantly removed all my clothes until I was wearing nothing but a bashful smile on my pretty little face.

However, as I was entertaining my work colleagues with my naked escapades, during which my clothes had been left untidily strewn all over the office floor, my panties had miraculously vanished.

After much debate and deliberation regarding my stolen underwear, I finally succumbed to the fact that I was neither going to see nor hear of those panties ever again. Until now that is, as Tom – the office clown – finally relented to my persistent pursuit of a confession.

“Tom, you really need to get out more, my friend.”

“I don’t need to now, do I. I’ve got every thing I need hanging on my bedroom wall! Besides, if ever I get lonely I can pop them out the frame and, you know, have a bit of fun with them.”

“Quite,” I replied disinterestedly as Tom fell about laughing. “To be honest, Tom, you’re sordid acts of sexual depravity and my stolen underwear are the least of my concerns.”

“Come on, Beth, you can tell me what’s bothering you. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.”

“My son has been very depressed lately and he won’t tell me why. It’s all very out of character for him as his always been open and honest with me; it’s driving me crazy, Tom.”

“Search through his Internet history, I’m sure that’ll unearth a few answers.”

“No good, I’ve already tried. He’s very thorough in that respect. He runs a system cleaner before logging off.”

“Try this,” Tom said, delving into his workbag. “It’s a piece of software designed for logging Internet activity. It’s really good. It logs keystrokes and visited websites; it even takes screenshots. It runs very discreetly in the background, so he’ll be completely unaware.”

I smiled mischievously.

I’d always been curious to know what my son gets up to, locked away in that bedroom for hours on end, glued to his laptop.

“Be warned though,” Tom continued, “once something’s been seen, it can’t be unseen, if you know what I mean. I installed it on my mother’s computer a few months back. The results were, to say the least, a real eye-opener. I’m still having nightmares to this day.”

Giggling to myself I asked, “How do I get myself a copy?”

“I’ll burn you a clone of this one, it’s not a problem. Call it a fair exchange for that delightful undergarment I’ve hanging on my bedroom wall.”

I left work early that day and rushed home in order to install the software on Alex’s laptop before he returned home from school.

As expected, Alex retreated straight to his bedroom upon his return home. Sitting back in my chair, I smiled inwardly, revelling in the knowledge that I would soon have the answers to my questions.


The plan went swimmingly.

Alex was into his fifth hour of bedroom isolation when he finally decided to venture outside to visit a friend, thus prompting me into action.

The software Tom had given me had worked a treat. What I found on my son’s laptop that day not only shocked me but also laid the foundation for a series of events that would change our relationship forever.

The software led me to a hidden directory in which I found a folder containing a vast array of porn videos. Firstly, I was to learn my son had a foot fetish. There was well in excess of a hundred foot fetish videos stored in the secret folder, most of which featured older women performing feet related sexual acts upon much younger teenage guys.

Next, and most shocking of all, I found within a folder entitled “Favourites”. This contained a variety of “mother/son” sex videos. Initially it was a shock to my system. However, as I began to watch the “incest” videos, I felt a strange stirring sensation, emanating from deep within my loins.

That the people in the videos were merely role-playing did not occur to me at the time and, as I slipped a hand into my panties, the seeping arousal between my legs was a sure sign the “mother/son” porn videos were causing me great pleasure. However, my attention was soon turned as I unearthed another little secret Alex had keeping from me, the problem that had been causing him so much concern in recent weeks: His foreskin was too tight.


I passed all of Saturday morning drinking too much coffee, lazing around the house and researching my son’s penis problem. I browsed a few websites and found that the condition was called phimosis. Although a common problem among teenagers, it can be nevertheless very unpleasant. However, as long as the foreskin isn’t too restricting, I was pleased to learn that with daily care and attention, and the application of special cream and lubricant, the foreskin could be stretched accordingly.

It was during this time, whilst researching foreskin retracting exercises, that I stumbled upon a website by the name of Lush Stories.

After perusing through some of the stories I found myself drawn, like a moth to a flame, to the incest category, especially the mother/son scenarios. The notion of two closely related family members indulging themselves in such acts of sexual intimacy had never even crossed my mind before that day.

The subject matter intrigued me, enthralled me, and captivated my imagination like nothing else before. These stories and the effect they had on my libido that day inspired me to begin constructing an incest story of my own entitled “Mother’s Boy”. Deciding that upon its completion, I would become a member of the site and publish my story in hope of inspiring others to do the same.

It seemed the sex videos I’d watch on Alex’s laptop had had a profound effect on my psyche and ultimately unlocked a deep-seated desire within me I never knew existed.

As I began documenting the thoughts and emotions that were fuelling my passion and desires, I suddenly found myself in a frenzy of sexual excitement. My mind was a flood with incestuous thoughts; my emotions encompassed me, heightening my sexual arousal and pushing me towards orgasm before I’d even touched myself.

Soon after, I was sprawled out on the living room floor with my laptop, completely naked, one hand on the keys writing my story, the other strumming my clitoris like a guitar string.


Even after giving myself the most wonderful orgasm imaginable, still those unconventional thoughts stimulated my sexual arousal. My desires were easily overwhelming my senses as I climbed the stairs to Alex’s bedroom. As far as I was concerned, I had more than enough reason to fondle my son’s most intimate area and, as I eased open his bedroom door and ogled the pale flesh of his scrawny body, I knew this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss.

He was still fast asleep when I pulled back his bed sheets to expose his bottom half. He had on a pair of boxer shorts and I noticed the buttons were undone, leaving an enticing and welcoming entrance in which to sink my fingers.

I reached into his pants and found my eager fingers pulling out his little flaccid penis. It was gorgeous, so smooth and unblemished. I couldn’t take my eyes of it as my fingers casually handed the warm flesh. As I grasped the shaft of his cock between thumb and forefinger, I deftly rolled back the foreskin, revealing the purple tip fully to my leering eye.

I felt pleased with what I saw as the foreskin seemed quite loose. I then proceeded to slip the thick hood back and forth several times, exposing and re-exposing the bald, shinny head beneath in rapid succession to perform a test. I cannot find the words to describe the pleasure I felt as I casually fondled my son’s willy, nor the fright I got when I looked up and realised he was awake and looking straight at me with a look of horror on his face.

“Mum! Jesus!”

“Alex! You gave me quite a start.”

Alex jumped out of bed. “Were you playing with my privates?”

“Yes, but for good reason.”

“I knew you were, I was awake the whole time.”

“Look, Alex, I know about your foreskin problem. I was concerned for you, I just wanted to see how bad it was.”

“What? How do you know about that?”

“Never you mind how I know. Let’s not deviate from the matter at hand, which is you have a problem that requires immediate attention.”

Alex sighed loudly with a look of resignation on his face.

“Now, as far as I can see” I continued, “you have two options. Option 1: We take you to the doctor, let him fiddle about with your willy before referring you off to hospital for surgery.”

“Alex gasped with shock. “What sort of surgery?”


“Oh no.”

“Option two: You let me, your ever supportive, caring, loving mother, pull down those pants, assess the situation, and then see if I can do something to loosen it myself.”

“But, you’re my mum, you’ll see me naked and touch my….”

“Nothing I’ve not seen before, darling, and besides, judging by what I just observed, there doesn’t seem to be a major problem.”

“It’s worse when it’s stiff,” he replied meekly.

“Does it make it difficult to masturbate?”

After a moment’s hesitation, shyly and apprehensively he replied, “Yes. I’ve not…you know, for at least a couple of weeks. The problem seems to have worsened of late.”

“Well, maybe I could help you masturbate.”

He stared at me slack-jawed and goggle-eyed. I don’t think he could quite comprehend what I’d just proposed.

“And if me seeing you naked bothers you,” I continued, “maybe you’d feel more comfortable if I remove some of my clothing, too.”

“Jesus!” he squeaked.

“Come on, sweetheart, lose those pants and let mummy examine your dinky,” I demanded sternly.

Then, much to my delight, Alex took a deep breath, closed his eyes, put his arms down by his sides, and said. “Go on then, but please, be gentle.”

The rush of excitement hit me like a ton of bricks; my heart thumped in my chest as I approached his young, fresh, heavenly body; the anticipation tore right through me and my legs quivered at the thought of sexually interfering with my son’s genitals.

“Shit,” he exclaimed as I grasped his boxer shorts, whipping them down to his ankles with one smooth, swift jerk, exposing a small, shriveled penis surrounded by a tidy forest of hair.

Then, as I dropped to my knees, Alex was acutely aware that my face was only inches away from the soft timid flesh that dangled between his legs.

I had a sudden impulse to take it in my mouth and suck it dry. However, I stifled the urge and raised my hand to touch him.

Nonchalantly I cupped my hand under his scrotum and wrapped the swollen orbs up into the palm of my hand. I could feel his body tremble at the sudden intimate contact as I smoothed my fingers around the tightened sac, fondling his plums with my soft, caressing fingers.

“Oh Alex, this scrotum sac’s full to bursting,” I observed. “You weren’t kidding about not being able to masturbate. First and foremost, I think these little testicles of yours need to be emptied.”

Taking hold of my boy’s flaccid penis with my free hand, I trapped the shaft of his cock between thumb and forefinger, before pulling back the foreskin until it would stretch no further, revealing the shinny bald head of his penis. I was not surprised to feel the flesh pulse with the sudden sensuous contact.

“Does that feel nice, baby?”

“Yeah,” he sighed blissfully.

My hand then moved steadily backwards and forwards, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the glans until I felt his penis harden and begin to throb.

Alex’s slim body shook and shivered with sexual arousal as my hands casually and elegantly stimulated him to a full erection, making sure the foreskin was fully retracted before it reached its full eminence.

I closed the palm of my hand delicately around his testicles and squeezed his scrotum. I heard him gasp at the sensual contact as I tugged and fiddled with the sac and its internal orbs.

“Now we’re talking,” I chirped. “Nice and stiff, just how we like it.”

In a moment of excitement, I moved my fingers from side to side, making his captured willy slap against his hips, causing him to jump and judder at the sensation of the exposed head slapping against his flesh.

Satisfied that he was now fully erect, I stood and put an arm around his shoulder so our bodies were touching and my soft ample breasts pressed against his face.

“I think we’d both feel more comfortable if I slipped off this blouse and bra, wouldn’t you agree, darling?”

Before he could answer, I deliberately let the exposed head of his penis graze against the starched material of my skirt.

“Argh,” he gasped as his body juddered violently. “God damn, that part’s so sensitive!”

“Oh, babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were so sensitive,” I whispered in his ear. “That’s a result of the glans being cooped up inside that nasty old foreskin for so long.

The little purple head needs regular fresh air and stimulation in order for him to desensitize to contact.”

He looked up at me and smiled knowingly.

“Right, we’ve have plenty to be getting on with, there’s no time like the present,” I said, as I began unbuttoning my blouse with steady hands, then slipping it from my shoulders in one fluid movement and exposing the soft mounds that rose above my white lace bra.

Alex drew in a long deep breath as I reached behind and, with one hand, unsnapped my bra and slipped the straps from my shoulders, revealing my ample, plump breasts to my son’s widened eyes.

“Mum, t-t-t-they’re incredible,” he stuttered nervously.

“They feel even better,” I said, sitting down on the edge of his bed and patting my lap. “Come on, don’t be shy, let’s have you across my lap.”

As he lay back on my lap I scooped him up like a baby, cradling him with his head in nook of my left arm.

He stared nervously at my breasts as they hung enticingly close to his face.

Forcing his head to one side and coaxing his mouth on to my nipple, I said, “There, that should keep you occupied while I’m working on this stiff little willy.”

I trailed my hand slowly down his quivering body before taking hold of his stiff penis. The foreskin was already retracted and I felt his organ throb against my hand as I wrapped my palm around it. “And feel free to use your hands to fondle me.” I grabbed a hand and directed it towards my free breast.

As Alex suckled furiously at my teat as I brushed my thumb, back and forth over the exposed head of his penis, making him shiver and shake manically.

“Just relax,” I said reassuringly. “This is the best way to desensitize the glans penis.”

I smiled to myself as I moved my thumb to the shaft of Alex’s penis, encircling the sensitive flesh with my soft caress.

He sighed deeply and blissfully at the sweet sensation.

I could see my boy was wrapped in an aura of sexual delight as his hand frantically fondled my breast, squeezing them, pressing and pulling at my erect nipples, squeezing hard one moment, fondling tenderly the next.

I tightened my grip on his stiff penis, holding it firmly in my palm and scored my nail over sensitive opening of the head.

This time he cried out and his body shook uncontrollably. His hips bucked wildly in an attempt to escape the sensuous torment and I felt his teeth bite down on my stiff nipple. I cried out with the sensuous pain and immediately went back to intimately gliding my thumb over the glans penis.

“Oh mum, you’re gonna make me…”

I pinched the swollen throbbing head firmly and squeezed hard, my thumb and forefinger squeezing the sensitive area in short sharp bursts of pressure. I increased the pace and pressure, rapidly squeezing and releasing the sensitive rim.

His whole body stiffened.

“Come on Alex, let’s empty those balls!” I snapped excitedly.

“He screamed as his body locked into a paroxysm of exquisite sexual torture. I felt a deep, hard, throb pulse through his penis as he began to ejaculate. His cry of sexual anguish was music to my ears as my enclosed palm nonchalantly brought him to orgasm.

“Mum, I’m gonna explode!”

I watched as semen erupted from the tip of his penis on to his stomach.

I did not ease the pressure with which I grasped his penis nor ease the vigor with which I pinched its wet, slimy head. Instead rejoicing in Alex’s delight as he wriggled and writhed on my lap, his mouth wide open and gasping for air.

“There we go, there’s a good boy,” I said.

But my reassuring words fell on death ears as my hand expertly and vigorously forced him to ejaculate violently. Spurt after spurt of semen jetted on to his tummy as he unloaded two weeks worth of spunk. My hand movements slowing to prolong his orgasm until he was spent and a puddle of white sticky fluid had formed on his body.

“Okay, baby,” I said calmly as if nothing out the ordinary had happened. “Tomorrow when you arrive home from school, lose the school uniform and join me upstairs.”

To be continued…