Truth or Dare

When I was about 17 or 18, I visited aunt and uncle for a few weeks during the summer. They had a son my age, my cousin Tom. A couple days into my visit, I went camping with them and another family. It was a good time, skiing and tubing on the lake during the day, and hanging out at the campfire at night.

One night it was raining a little, so we just stayed in our tent playing cards. The adults were all at the campfire, drinking and carrying on. We got bored with the card games and started talking about girls and life. After a while, Tom asked if I ever played truth or dare. I remember playing that as a younger kid, but not recently. He asked if I wanted to play, and I could not think of a reason not to.

It started innocently enough with mostly “truths” in the beginning until I finally said, “dare.” My dare was to sneak to where the coolers were and steal a couple of beers. The adults were pretty wasted, and heading for their own tents by then, so I casually wandered over and snagged not two, but four cans of beer. I got back to the tent, and showed off my prize.

Two beers each were enough to get us pretty buzzed, and we got back to the game. Not to be out-done, Tom chose “dare” on his next turn. I dared him to streak naked around the camp. Tom requested another dare but I refused. Reluctantly, he stripped down and slipped out of the tent. It was dark, the dying campfire being the only real light source. Tom ran naked around the perimeter of our campsite. All I could see was Tom’s shadow making its way around the camp.

Tom slipped back into the tent, and I could not help but notice his half hard cock swinging back and forth. He was obviously bigger than I was. The sight of his cock fascinated me. I know he saw me looking, but just called out, “truth or dare.” My turn. I chose “dare,” and was sent around the camp naked myself. I knew this was coming, so I pulled my shorts and shirt off and headed out into the darkness. However, during my trek around the camp, I grabbed four more beers.

Tom was very impressed when I handed him two cold ones upon my return. I noticed that he was still naked. The lantern had dimmed a bit and we just sat on our cots drinking our stolen beer. I asked Tom if he wanted to keep playing the game. He answered by choosing “dare.” I was not sure where we go from streaking, but there did not seem anything was out of bounds here. I dared Tom to get himself hard and jack off in front of me, since he was already working on it a little under his blanket.

Tom finished the rest of his beer, pulled the blanket away, and started pulling on his cock. He got hard quickly, and I felt my own cock twitch. I did not wait for Tom to say it; I just pulled my own blanket off and started stroking my cock. We quietly watched each other jack off in the dim light of the lantern.

Tom asked if he could touch my cock. He had moved to the floor of the tent between our cots. Without answering, I slipped from my cot and knelt in front of Tom. He leaned over, squeezed my cock, and started stroking it slowly. I leaned over, and started doing the same. This was crazy, I thought, but I was very aroused and having one of my first sexual experiences. I was just enjoying the moment when Tom stopped stroking and began sucking my cock. He stroked my cock as his mouth went up and down my shaft.

I was a little in shock, but it felt so good. It didn’t take long before I began to feel the surge coming as my cock got super hard all at once and the sensations rose until I started pumping my hot cum into Tom’s mouth. I never felt anything like that in my life.

Almost on cue, Tom also started coming. He shot his hot cum all over my hand and arm. I really hoped to return the favor, but we agreed to play our game again the next night.
To be continued…